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What Inspiring Leaders Do Differently (And Why It Matters)

Updated: May 12, 2022

Having gratitude and actively listening has a compound effect when developing relationships with those you lead.

Being a leader is tough and it can be even tougher to develop into a truly inspiring leader. There are certain things that inspiring leaders do differently than typical individuals in a leadership role. Read on to explore what inspiring leaders do differently and you just might be able to work toward becoming an inspiring leader yourself.

"An inspiring leader will be truly grateful for the efforts of the team."

They Remain Positive

Being positive has the ability to inspire others to keep moving forward. Inspiring leaders are capable of using positivity to help people focus on working toward goals. A great leader is able to remain positive even during difficult situations.

They Showcase Gratitude

Having a leader who showcases gratitude when employees work hard will make them want to give it their all. An inspiring leader will be truly grateful for the efforts of the team. Little gestures that showcase gratitude can go a long way toward keeping employees motivated and happy.

They Are Able to Listen

Listening is something that every leader should take the time to do. Communication is crucial when you’re in a leadership role and listening is part of communicating effectively. You need to be able to listen to others and understand what they’re saying to be a truly inspiring leader.

"No one is going to trust a leader who doesn’t keep his or her word."

They Have a Vision for the Future

Inspiring others to work toward goals is easier when a leader has a vision for the future. You can inspire others by sharing that vision with them. If your vision is inspiring, then it’ll be that much easier to bring others in to work for your cause.

They Are Honest

Being honest with your employees or team members is of the utmost importance. No one is going to trust a leader who doesn’t keep his or her word. Make sure that you back up your words with actions and always be up front with employees about what is going on.

They Showcase Passion

Showcasing passion is one of the best ways to inspire others to give it their all. If you’re passionate about the work that you’re doing, then that passion is going to rub off on others. Inspirational leaders are truly dedicated to the causes that they’re working for.

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