My goal is to help entrepreneurs achieve their business potentials. I aim to not only assist by guiding startups but to redefine what's possible when it comes to working with young people, particularly in the areas of AI, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Fintech and more. My original blog was focused on leadership and business development but as of 2022 I am passionate about finding ways to promote development in Africa through venture capital. 

A bit about me:

My name is Dan Idhenga and I am a London-based Namibian currently concluding my Master’s Degree in Emerging Economies & International Development at King’s College London. I have a keen interest in Startups, Venture Capital and Angel Investing. I also have a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Baruch College (City University of New York). Having lived in ten countries, I’ve developed a global mindset and sharp attention to detail that has provided numerous opportunities to undergo personal and professional growth. 

In 2016 I co-founded my first startup company, In Case Audio. It was an audio-tech startup producing high-quality speakers and amplifiers, which were jam-packed with unique add-on features. Through spearheading the startup as its Cofounder & CEO, I joined a startup accelerator that taught me the ins and outs of bootstrapping and launching a company under the guidance of Angel Investors and VCs. As a result, I gained helpful experience in prototyping products, conducting primary market research by interviewing 200+ musicians, and receiving insights into team management.

​I recently had the pleasure of joining a healthtech startup, ConfirmD by BuddyCheque, which was acquired by Diversified Medical Healthcare in December 2021. I worked at ConfirmD since inception, and I believe that this successful exit was the product of years of experience gained from previous endeavours. To gain this experience, I have taken on leadership positions throughout the years. As a Principal at the King’s Alumni Angel Network, I help to identify, support, and invest in startups with potential for positive global impact. This is done by thorough due diligence, meeting with venture capital partners regularly, and producing in-depth presentations. These skill sets also assist in the moderation of regular meetings with the King’s College London Venture Capital Research Fellows (KVCRF), whom I help to train to become research Analysts, in collaboration with King’s Business Club. I have also represented the King’s Angel Network through moderating professional events at King’s College London, which have featured notable Venture Capitalists and Startups. During my undergraduate degree,while participating in internships including at J.P. Morgan and AIG. I similarly took on student leadership roles in organisations like 50Five Capital, a student-run hedge fund and at Delta Sigma Pi, a professional business fraternity.

In addition, I serve as the Vice President of the Bonny Vaino Idhenga Foundation, a position which I have held since 2014. In this capacity, I have coordinated the donations of critical items to underserved communities in Namibia – including incubators for newborn babies, food products, clothing, mattresses and more. I also regularly collaborate with a number of foreign benefactors through online and in person meetings, as I play a role in ensuring all donated goods acquired through the foundation are distributed amongst the most vulnerable Namibian communities. I am currently working with a Himba village in northern Namibia to establish a vocational training centre for youth empowerment.

Looking back on these experiences, I am happy with my professional development. However, I am also aware of the fact that leadership is not black and white; instead, it falls under a spectrum of shades of gray, as there are countless approaches to leading a passionate and successful team. As such, I continually seek opportunities to expose myself to new leadership styles, and am always hopeful to forge new mentor-mentee relationships with experienced members in my field. 

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