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My goal is to guide entrepreneurs and investors to achieve their potential by pushing the boundaries of what is possible. I am passionate about Startups, Venture Capital, and finding ways to promote development in Africa through business. In particular, I have a strong interest in Digital Tech, AI, Aerospace, Real Estate, and Fintech. 

A bit about me:

My name is Dan Idhenga and I am a London-based Investor at 1818 Venture Capital. We invest in early-stage Fintech companies in the UK and Middle East. Having lived in ten countries, I’ve developed a global mindset and sharp attention to detail that has provided me opportunities to explore and engage with people from different backgrounds in a personal and professional capacity. 

​As a Co-Founder of London Venture Capital Network, I have identified, supported, and helped others to invest in startups with potential for positive global impact. Through the LVCN structure, I previously directed two cohorts of the London VC Fellowship (LVCF), through which I have trained 18 students to become VC Analysts. I have also moderated several professional events at King’s College London, which have featured notable Startups and Venture Capital firms including Atomico, Antler, Northzone, Motion Ventures, Hambro Perks, and many more.

I also serve as the Vice President of the Bonny Vaino Idhenga Foundation (BVIF). Since 2014, I have coordinated donations of critical items to underserved communities in Namibia, including incubators for newborn babies, food items, clothing, mattresses and more. I collaborate with foreign patrons to ensure proper distribution of donations to vulnerable beneficiaries. I am currently working with a Himba village in northern Namibia to establish a vocational training centre for youth empowerment.

While living in New York, I was a founding member of ConfirmD by BuddyCheque, a healthtech startup that was acquired in December 2021. I believe that this successful exit was the product of years of experience gained from previous endeavours including at In Case Audio, a startup I co-founded in 2016. I’ve learned the ins and outs of bootstrapping and launching a company under the guidance of experienced founders, Angel Investors, and VCs. As a result, I gained experience in prototyping products, conducting primary market research, and leading teams.

I have previously provided private consulting services to clients who need help with various business functions. In particular, I am proficient in business strategy, pitch deck design, financial forecast planning and general startup consulting.

Thank you for visiting my website and following my journey, be sure to visit the blog page to learn more.

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Dan Idhenga

Investor at 1818 Venture Capital

& Co-Founder of

London VC Network

If you would like to book a  private session with me, please get in touch here:
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