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Young Entrepreneurs To Inspire You

Updated: May 12, 2022

Here are some entrepreneurs to consider going into next year.

What can be particularly appealing about entrepreneurship is that it is accessible to so many people.  There are plenty of barriers to plenty of fields, including education, wealth, gender, race, or sexuality.  The only obstacle to entrepreneurs is the boundaries they place on themselves.  With the right mindset and attitude, the sky is often the limit for any entrepreneur with a strong work ethic.  Never is this more obvious than when young people excel at entrepreneurship.

Often people under 30 are expected to wait their turn for promotions, learn on the job, and climb the ladder of success like everyone else is forced to do.  Entrepreneurs, by nature, reject this idea.  Those who see a great idea and want to make it better are certainly not going to be limited by something as silly as the number of years spent on this planet.  What’s more, plenty of people under 30 find success in entrepreneurial endeavors. 

When looking for a successful entrepreneur to emulate, you should never neglect the fact that revolutionary young people perpetually change entrepreneurship and business culture.  Here are a few of the most successful entrepreneurs who found success before their 30th birthday.

Both founders of Facebook, Mark and Dustin, have had a remarkable run in the last two decades, which is astonishing when you see how strong it started.  At the age of 26 years old, both Zuckerberg and Moscovitz had generated over a billion dollars for themselves.  Dustin left facebook in 2008 and started up his own business around the globe and a compelling and powerful force in big tech.  Each started as 20-somethings just trying to bring an idea to life.

Tina is a particularly inspiring story because of all the ups and downs her business has experienced.  Tina developed the famous brand “The Culinistas,” a site for booking and planning at-home dinners with a private chef preparing the meal for you or your friends.  A novel concept, Tina managed to bring fine dining to the home table–and for obvious reasons, this was impacted during the Covid-19 pandemic.  In weather that storm, Tina proved to accomplish what many entrepreneurs in the food industry could not–stay afloat when people aren’t allowed to go out to eat or bring guests into their home.

Ahmed is the company Caper leader, an AI program that allows for a faster and easier checkout process.  Ahmed was intelligent enough to see a niche to hit to make the checkout process more streamlined for consumers.  Also, a place to hit in with the advent of covid having a personal checkout scanner used by fewer, fewer people than traditional checkout counters was a helpful trait.  Ahmed is remarkably talented at fundraising, accruing $10M in a Series A funding round in 2019.

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